Thursday, July 17, 2008

Across the Vindhyas

This is something that I have long wanted to write. But I was very sure that I will not be able to give a "balanced" view. But I came across Truly Indian's post and I thought he put it across really well.

He says in his post "The first thing I have observed over these years is that the people* born and brought up in Northern India have no idea about the geography or the culture of the states located to the south of the tropic of cancer. We shall exclude Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Orissa from the debate since they lie on both sides of the tropic of cancer." Does that sound familiar? Read the rest here

I don't mean to spark off ill-feelings here. But this is something that does bother me.


I love Lucy said...

Pandora's box open madidhira nodi!
I feel the exact same way.

Pavithra Sankaran said...

Read the comments on this post:

The post itself is brilliant of course, as all his posts are!

Abhipraya said...

ILL: Pandora's box yes, but sometime I have to express it no? I am tired of people asking me "aap madrasi ho kar coffee nahi peete?"

Pavithra: Super post. Interesting responses. But the aggressiveness of a certain commenter is unmissable.