Sunday, May 06, 2007

Where did you leave your brains sir?

The news has been around for the last 3 days. And I have not slept peacefully for as many nights. Sav has been suffering too. I am certain that so are thousands of other women who realise the enormity of the stupid decision that the state government has taken.
I have couple of things to tell and ask the Labour minister of Karnataka.
Dear Sir, (mom always told me to be polite even when I feel like ripping off the....)
You are so concerned about the safety of women that you decided to ensure women are off the office premises by 8 pm. A very original solution indeed. But if the women are facing problems before 8 pm how will they sort that out? Or are you saying that woman being harassed during the day is better off than at night?
Assuming that women do get out of the office by 8 pm. Have you thought about how to keep them safe on the streets and public transports? What about protecting them there? Oh how silly am I But that is outside the Labour department! This will probably come under police department eh? Then in that case please do suggest that they should also ban women from streets after 8 pm. Then whom will the men mug, rape and murder? You've indeed struck upon the magic solution to this probelm sir. Then it is just the men who have to fight it out among themselves as to who will mug and who will be mugged.
And women can go home at 8 cook, clean and relax by watching all the fantastic saas-bahu serials and increase Ekta Kapoor's revenue.
Quiet an ingenious plan sir quiet an ingenious plan!
Thank you very much for taking the entire woman kind about 50 years behind.
Yours truly.


Sav said...

My most indignant question: MEN create all the havoc, all the rape, all the mugging. MEN create the insecurity that the minister is trying to protect the women from. And WOMEN get caged?

apu said...

Thanks for the update on my blog. It is pitiful indeed...