Thursday, April 19, 2007

Akshaya Tritiya

Today and tomorrow is Akshaya Tritiya

The whole country has gone into a buying frenzy. Correction buying gold frenzy. I found out recently that this mega national event was actually a little known festival among one particular community in Gujarat (I might be wrong but the fact that this was little know cannot be denied) which some very enterprising chap or chaps turned into a marketing exercise and the whole country fell for it. The jewellers are offering you great discounts if you book in advance. Well discount or no discount it is smarter to book them in advance. If you are the 11th hour kind then god save you from the mad rush.

It is said that whatever investment you make on this auspicious day will last a life time and continue to grow and prosper.

I am not interested in gold, silver or even real estate (actually the truth is I don't have the dabbu for it:-) instead if I say I love you and hug someone will the love and the relationship grow, prosper and last?

I would like to think so.

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Viva said...

Oh yes trust me it definitely will..and what's great is it doesn't have to be an auspicious day to do this!