Friday, April 27, 2007


This is my 101st post!!!

100 posts is a big milestone right? I mean people celebrate 100 days of a film show with such gusto I am thinking I should also do something. But it is easier if its a film because then you put up huge cutouts of the actors in the film and garland them. Make the actors and crew members attend the shows distribute sweets. Hold press conferences. But how does one celebrate 100 posts on a blog which less than a dozen people (am going the people who leave comments) know about? By that standard this blog is not on the popular scale at all isn't it. But what the heck it was meant to be a place for me to vent it all out and it has served the purpose. So I will celebrate with a mango ice cream and think of more things to write about:-)
So here's to 100 posts of venting it all out. Who says expressing what you feel when you feel is not good. Its perfectly fine as long you don't name names. And even if you name names don't post with your real name. problem solved? always ask appukuttan ungle so simble
Sorry got carried away!
Incidentally Sivaji is Rajnikanth's 100th Tamil film and he didn't know about it till the good old Filmnews Anandan told him in some function! I think its better than some software telling you "100 posts"


Anonymous said...

Wonderful and congratulations on hitting a ton. I think you forgot the mark last time as you were busy finidng new heights of laziness, anyhow good achievement and keep blogging.
From onetime blogger- Kannan

Abhipraya said...

Thanks Kannan. It is amazing that laziness has somehow not come in the way of blogging!

And BTW why are you "onetime blogger?

Anonymous said...

Easy to answer that, laziness. Also some kind of mid blogger-life crisis, a situation where 'why should the world know what I think' thought overpowers me. Now I am more a commentator, than a blogger. {On a more serious note 0 comments started to rattle me :-)} KANNAN