Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mission accomplished

I bought it in November 2002. And attempted at least half a dozen times to start on it but never went beyond the first 30 pages. No its not a bad book nor does it have a boring beginning. It was my sheer laziness and the daunting size of the book (700+ pages) that kept me from going right ahead and finishing it.

It has been on my to read list for 4 years and this year it was upgraded to the resolutions list of "must do" in 2007. And I am very proud to announce that I have finished reading Leo Tolstoy's the LOVELY "Anna Karenina"

Its a beautiful book written so amazingly well. I loved every bit of it. The man had such a fantastic understanding of human thought process that its startling.

Now that I have actually finished one of the resolutions for this year (and that too in first quarter itself) I have some hopes for the rest of the year.

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