Friday, March 16, 2007

Crazy world

I was talking to a friend of mine today and she says she is busy with her daughter's graduation day coming up in two weeks. Her daughter is FIVE! The graduation is from nursery to first standard. And what more the child has to give a 2-3 min speech on her experiences in school. Two other kids from her class are asked to do the same; one of them on their future plans. A five-year-old with a future plan! My friend decided include her daughter in speech writing process so she asks her what she liked about her "3 years" of school experience. The little one thinks for a while and says "I like that we play on the swing every day" hardly the stuff for the speech so my friend insists to think harder. Then the girls says "I liked it when we went on that picnic from school." No help there eh.
I wonder how the mother of the five-year-old with the speech to write on the future plan is getting along. But then that would be easy...just tell your plans for your little one.
But I am guessing the toughest part would be to get the children byheart the speech and say it in front of the whole school and its parents.
Does someone know a regular school which doesn't ask five-year-olds about their future plans or how much the software engineer father earns or insist that the mother be a graduate but not working? I am kinda beginning to panic about the education my kids will get...


Sav said...

there's only one way out -- one of us has to start our own school.

Nisho said...

A graduation speech for a 5 year old!!! How times have changed. All I had for my graduation from class XII was a stupid class photo session. That's it!

Abhipraya said...


If we can't do that lets stick to our plan 'b' you do remember that right?


That's all I ever got too :-(

Sumana said...

I heard of graduation parties in the US when kids were out of middle and high and graduate schools. So similar concepts have started in India. You have made an interesting read.