Saturday, October 14, 2006


With 200 houses in the apartment complex it can get quiet noisy around my house. The sound of high bass level from my bachelor neighbours just never goes away. Last Sunday I rang their door bell when their song starting interrupting my radio and my conversation with Vivek. I had to ring it three times before I could stir the guy sleeping right next to the door! It was 11 in the morning mind you. And then he wakes up and decides that it was his cell phone ringing and so looks utterly puzzled to find the phone quiet. I was so shocked at this that I ended up being very polite and saying "could you please turn the sound down." It worked only just that once. The whole week the guys have been giving me dirty looks and continue to play music in at decibel levels beyond the permissable levels.
And then there are people who bang things in their homes at unearthly hours. No problems with that except that it happens over our heads! We still haven't figured why would one bang every night close to midnight. Vivek says it could be voodoo!
But yesterday something different happened. I heard a female voice very sweetly singing Bhagyada Lakhsmi Baaramma. She was singing just that one line over and over again. It was friday but 11 in the night is rather late to invoke Goddess Lakshmi so I was wondering about the timing of it. Then I heard a baby humming along. It was a mother singing to put her baby to sleep. I didn't hear any other voice. Just a very intimate moment between a mother and her child. It felt very nice to listen to that. My mother too would've sung for me......did I hum along too?