Friday, October 27, 2006

Deepavali ventures!

This Deepavali we attempted to make friends with our neighbours. So one evening armed with sweets and smiles we knocked on three doors. The first door was not unfamiliar in the sense we knew each other. So it was "oh please come in" to "have some coffee" to discussion on cricket to "we celebrate Deepavali tomorrow." Over all not awkward.

The second door was a tricky one cos we do not know them at all. So we ring the bell and peep into a hall full of older generation staring into the TV. We say "we are your neighbours we thought we will come and say hello"...this throws them all out of gear and in response we get only "uh oh" and we repeat again we are neighbours. Then the shock wears out, we are seated and the younger ones in the family are introduced. Both husband and wife are software engineers. Within minutes we know that entire family including grandparents have passport and visa ready to go to USA except for the newest entrant in the family who is just a year old. We also are introduced to the newest mobile phone in the house that they bought at a Deepavali sale just that morning. Then one of them says "It is good that you came and introduced yourself, we don't have time for this you see" UH?

Then we say bye and head to the next door and knock. An absolutely shocked girl opens the door. We introduce ourselves and say we came to say hello. The girl simply replied "Hello" and there is absolute silence. We don't know what to do, so we just give her the box of sweets. She says thanks and shuts the door. We just stood there staring at the door!

So much for making friends :-)


godsgurl said...

nice write ups:) u into writing and film making???

Sav said...

Lol!!! Girl!! You should do these things more often -- will give you lots to blog about!

Abhipraya said...

Thanks godsgurl. I pretend to be doing all that when I can't think of anything to blog about :-)

I am thinking I can make a daily soap or a sitcom based on my neighbourhood experiences:-)))))