Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What happened?

This morning I was channel surfing and I saw John Abraham (shirtless ofcourse) crying his heart out and I was shocked; not because he was shirtless or that he was crying but because it was on Asianet, a Malayalam channel! I don't understand this phenomenon at all. Every time I have crossed the malayalam channels I have seen/heard Hindi or Tamil Songs (when soaps are taking a break that is). Last week I even heard someone sing a Telugu song. I don't know how Mals feel about this but I do wonder why? Can some one explain this to me? Also increasingly the Mal films look and feel like Tamil films (No offence to Tamil Cinema here). What happened to those wonderfully artistic and realistic films that I saw on DD on Sunday afternoons? I don't understand much of the dialogues (esp comedy) but the stories were real with real people in the movies.
I was most horrified when on a trip to Kerala I was subjected to three hours of the movie War and Love. Seriously no one in the right mind would think of an outrageous script like that! And unless you want to kill yourself don't attempt watching that movie. Not even Vodka and Rum can make you enjoy this movie.
Even as I am typing this, SPB is singing Tere mere beech mein on the very same channel.

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The Kid said...

i accidently happnd to see a few scenes from the movie too..
positively catastrophic for the industry...