Thursday, April 22, 2010

Angry young woman

People / things that make me feel very violent these days

1) Mothers who complain about their husbands' lack of house training but insist on baby sitting their 25 year old sons.
2) Media feigning ignorance on the whole IPL drama while anyone who followed it right from the start would know how rotten it was to start with.
3) Young men acting like little boys who can't pull up their own knickers.
4) Mothers who walk up to other mothers and say you are doing a bad job.
5) People who think it is the easiest thing to work from home.
6) Bad customer service at every turn.
7) Bangalore's development.
8) The thought that Miss T might have to spend her adulthood with no trees and no water for the most part.
9) Schools that charge 2 lakh rupees for a pre-nursery admission and Rs 4500 per month as van fees!
10) The heat. Which I suspect is the main cause for 1-9


Chitra said...

Agree about the 'work from home' part. Who says it's easy? Definitely not. In fact, it's harder to sit down and work because there are so many other things that catch your attention. Becomes difficult to proritize!

Pratima... said...


I liked those two things about mothers....especially because I facing these things with my MiL breathing down my neck with how she brought up her children and how I have to bring up my son............