Tuesday, February 09, 2010

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When is one old enough to say NO? All the while when I was a kid I heard NO from every quarter. mostly amma :), teachers and random adults. I was so looking forward to growing up and saying No at will. 3 decades older though I am today, I can't say NO to a lot of people. I can't say NO amma ever (Emotional blackmail kicks off before i can even get to the vowel.) Saying NO to in laws is outlawed. You can't say no to dear friends and not so dear friends lest you hurt them. Thankfully I don't have a boss per se so i don't have to add him or her to this list. May be when I am a crabby 60 year old i can do that. But what's the fun? People will think am the senile old woman who just says no for the heck of it. I want to do it NOW. Even if people say am acting like a senile old woman who just says no for the heck of it :)


I have been taking Miss T out a lot these days. Meeting people is part of growing up right? So I thought I should use this opportunity and meet Shruthi and Puttacchi. Whom I have known for sometime via the blog. I did meet them briefly a few years ago at the Just Femme Film Festival. So off we went. And what fun we had! Puttacchi was an absolute delight and she played a gracious host to little Miss T. Shruthi and I chatted on with no hesitance whatsoever. Didn't even realise that that we had stayed on longer than originally planned. I hope to do it again :)

S&P thank you :)


I get to go out twice a week for a few hours, alone. And what a joy it is to be out on my own. I mean, as much as I love Miss T...it is so nice to be out and about. Drive my bike. Meet adults. Have adult conversations. There's a niggling bit of guilt of leaving the baby behind of course. But when I come back Miss T practically jumps into my arms with such squeals of joy that all the guilt vanishes away.

It has been nearly two years since I did things on my own. Little things like buying veggies from the market is a such a joy when you don't have to wait for someone to do it for you!

Here's to freedom. Even if it is twice a week :)



Kannan said...

Can you hide that last entry from S? :-)

Abhipraya said...

lol :D Kannan, It is too late I think I've already scared her :)

Hmm.. said...

Lol..I said the same thing recently to one of those oh-so-typical-interview-gotcha-qs..tht I have a tough time saying No :p
We never quite get out of that phase.. :)

The Restless Quill said...

I am glad you're writing again. More pictures of the little T please.

You're right, nothing comes close to doing things on your own!

To more me time.

Shruthi said...

Oh Thank YOU, Abhipraya! We had a lovely time too!