Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last post of the year

The year went by super fast! Unlike 2008 that dragged on and on. I have slept less this year than 2001-2002 if that's possible. Why I didn't sleep then i won't tell. But this year was all about Miss T. I can't say it is fun when the child bawls into the night and then into the day leaving you utterly dazed. But the smile she gives you at the end of it makes you forgive her :)

Here's my wish list for 2010

1) I want more sleep
2) Less hormonal for sure
3) More money :)
4) More holidays. How else do I spend all the money?
5) More fun with Miss T
6) More time with V
7) Lesser morons to deal with
8) More friends...umm or may be just the usual ones who are there when you need them
9) More scope for creativity beyond making Miss T eat and sleep.
10 And umm world huh... world peace?

Have a fabulous xmas and a fantabulous new year!

Now off to the seashore I about 4 days but I will be there in 4 days. YAAAAY!


PS said...

2001-02 was when most of us didn't sleep right? But was yours a special and different reason? :-) Do tell!

Abhipraya said...

PS you know exactly why I didn't sleep then :)