Wednesday, April 29, 2009

dundu mallige

When we decided on this apartment the main reason for choosing a ground floor was the fact that i can have a little garden and see a piece of the sky when I stepped out. But then once we settled in we realised the apartment association had stipulations on what to grow and what not to grow in the garden. They love croutons and croutons only. Very few flowering plants and absolutely no veggies. No sir that would bring down the value of the apartment! And I tried to grow a little hibiscus plant and every time the poor thing grew a little taller than what is thought aesthetically correct the gardener chops it off. It is an eternal fight!

Somehow in the milieu of ever changing gardeners, one of them thought it was a good idea to plant jasmines. None of them survived except for the one right outside my door. Every year around this time it flowers. There is such palpable excitement about it. Women, old and young stop to see how many have bloomed. And pluck one or two. They love to stop by and talk to me about how wonderful it is to grow jasmine. And to see it bloom. We discuss why the others didn't survive while this did. My cook's daily routine is to count the number of buds and wonder about the one or two missing. She tries to encourage me to wear one on my hair. I love jasmines but the moment i wear it I get a mother of all headaches. So I stay away from them. A reason not good enough for my cook.

Today even the water delivery guy stood to admire the jasmines. "Madam mallige hoova bittide" he told me excitedly.

When there is such incredible excitement about it then why would the association not want flowering plants? Since when did a bit colourful blossoms started playing such vital role in real estate prices?

I don't get them. They even pulled out my lemon grass plant when I wans't looking because it was growing very unruly! I don't want your manicured gardens! Give me Cubbon Park over Lalbagh any day!

It is because of this apathy only that Bangalore is losing its green cover and turning hotter by the day!

PS: The title of the post is the name of the jasmine in front of my house.


Kannan said...

A question completely unconnected with the post. Who's 'water delivery guy'?

Abhipraya said...

lol :) he's the guy who brings me drinking water cans every other day. You see we have to buy water for drinking purposes.

Kannan said...

Really? That's news to me. Thought he comes only in Madras

Hmm.. said...

Oh yeah! Jasmine season is indeed frnd's plant has bloomed just 100s of 'em!!! :) :) I lowe the Indian malli-poo strand...sigh!

Abhipraya said...

Kannan, Blr is going the Madras way in terms of water shortage and soaring temperatures. Although water situation is restricted mostly in newer areas of blr only.

Hmmm: When was your last trip to India? Come off.

whizkid said...

you're lucky to have that patch of green...even with those silly restrictions. Btw, any chance of you becoming the building secretary to bring in amendments? :)

Abhipraya said...

well that possibility is a bit slim...the current office bearers are a bunch of retired men who love this job. The only young woman on the team is mostly relegated to clerical jobs. so in a few years I shall try :)