Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So what do you do?

Since I started freelancing and Just Femme and all that I am very cautious of my answer. I prefer not bring up journalism, women's magazine or film making when I have more than 2 people of company because then there is a general uproar around. People say things like oh so you work for discovery? Or so you are the next Barkha Dutt or launch into this oh the media these days is so screwed up, did you see the coverage of such and such an incident spiel and go on to show off their expertise on how it should have been covered. The standard refrain is of course "I should be careful of what I say, you journlaists are dangerous. "

It is insanely boring I tell you. If I had a rupee for every time I heard that I wouldn't think twice about going to PVR thrice a month! So I sometimes end up telling strangers (whom I am sure I shall never meet again) that I am a housewife. Then they have nothing to say to me no opinions whatsoever. They won't even talk to me about saas-bahu serials or the maids. I am talking about the educated upwardly mobile junta not your regular I have to spend 3 hours going to Mysore sitting next to you so might as well make friends with you kind of people. Them I have no issues with I have told them about my profession and have had intelligent discussions both related and unrelated to my profession.

Now I have a very different problem. The last of my writing assignments is done with. I have no new assignments (my own doing I must confess). I was beginning to feel like I had nothing new to say! No films and of course Just Femme is waiting on the back burner (JF I am mighty upset about. It is my baby). I always thought that I was the kind of person who had things outside of my work to do. But then I liked them so much that it became my work (I didn't start as a journalist that came much much later) and so am stuck now! I am seriously sitting and waiting for inspiration to strike me. Sigh......

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