Friday, February 08, 2008

Just Femme - Here's to Health!

The "Health Issue" of Just Femme is out! Read all about a brave fight with breast cancer, how to identify depression and the importance of checking on thyroid glands. Plus a low-down on what to eat when you are pregnant.

All this in and more in the February issue

Happy Reading!

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Samba said...


Have u considered starting a magazinr for homosexuals? I don't mean no jokes. It's a big enough market, even if 1% of India's net browsing population is homosexual. It's a captive audience with no specialized content or lines of communication available. If you have at least 100 thousand gay population in India and u charge them $10 a year for subscription, you have made your first million! Ofcourse, assuming you haven't already made it.

From a business perspective, do you think, a straight person can do it?

I'm contemplating a social network for them. But, being a straight guy, I'm not confident of pulling it through. My fear is, the venture will not be credible (being founded by someone straight) or the founder would be socially isolated by the prejudiced majority.

Do u think it can be a given a non-profit spin, although the underlying motive is money?

Abhipraya said...

Very interesting indeed. I myself have wondered about this. Lets not discuss the idea on this blog...leave a comment with your mail id (if you don't mind that is) and I will mail you back with my ideas. I am traveling and have limited access to net.