Friday, August 31, 2007

Things I am yet to learn

  1. Ignore morons who honk on the streets to bully their way through traffic
  2. Suppress the urge to mildly electrocute the guy who's peeing right on a school wall, bus stop (or anywhere that's not a loo)
  3. Not to lose my temper over the moron who jumps into the q from nowhere (I am not willing to ignore them but just tell them where to go and get back to my life without getting all hyper. Right now I take about 2 hours to cool down after an encounter)
  4. To accept that people will throw garbage out in the open (as long as it is not in to my Balcony)
  5. To switch off my hearing capability and go to a happy place when people around me talk rubbish
  6. To accept that there's only so much the men can understand about women even if they love them to death
  7. To be politely rude (a phrase Sav came up with)
  8. To be able to tell people to get out of my life (I knew how to do this one)
  9. To find the right level sarcasm in my answer when friends say oh you are too busy
  10. To tell people "why are you so jealous of my sex life" when they say "why aren't you having babies?"
  11. To ask some of the well meaning friends to shut up when they say "oh you cook eh?" (you think we could afford a car if we ate out every single day?)
  12. To show the esteemed apartment association members a certain finger on my right hand when they insist I cannot grow vegetables in my garden cos it reduces the value of the apartment!
  13. To tell people it is none of their business how and if I pray to god
I have more to add but I think 13 is a nice number to stop at.

I've realised much to my dismay that life was simpler when I knew how not to be polite. I had lots of friends and all the annoying questions never came my way cos people were S*** scared to ask me.

Being nice never pays eh.


Zennmaster said...

hehehehe... hilarious if nothing else... hahahaha...

I love Lucy said...

Came here through Shruthi's blog.

And I am loving it!I soooo totally agree with you on each and every point listed..almost like you read my mind or something!

Abhipraya said...

Zennmaster thank you :)
I love lucy so glad you feel so too :)

Timepass said...

First time here, just loved this post...

Abhipraya said...

Timepass: thanks for stopping by :)

Bikerdude said...

Nice blog ammowru :) Will be back.

Abhipraya said...

bikerdude thanks for stopping by :)