Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Time Machine

Oh its such a delight to bump into old friends. Friends who you shared the laughs with, some who cried with you, some who helped you tide over, some one you thought was cute but had no courage to tell him so just said is always a pleasure:-)
But there's one thing though. Sometimes you realise that you and she have nothing in common but that thread of friendship shared many moons ago. You try very hard to work that enthusiasm back to see the magic happen again. Not always succesful. A friend of mine had a fine analogy (if I can call it so) for such relationships. He said we put memories and people associated with those memories in time capsules. We like to look at them as often as we can but we can never recreate the moment.
He said that many years ago, now he is part of my time capsule and I am guessing I am part of his for our conversations are not the same but always manage to have a good conversation because of the bond we shared back then.
Time capsule or no it is fun to talk about old times (its crazy how much of old times I have to talk about with so many different I am getting ancient!)

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